Silver wire hand-crafted bracelets
Silver wire hand-crafted bracelets

Each bracelet is a unique silver weave drawing on traditional designs while also inheriting Deborah's flare for the original.  You'll see this in some of her unique pieces [INSERT NAME OF BRACELETS] and in particular, in the careful design of the beautiful clasps on each bracelet.

Byzantine & Silver Bead Bracelet.jpg
Egyptian Bracelet BR3028-S 176.jpg
Celtic Visions Bracelet 2.jpg
Egyptian Bracelet BR3028-S.jpg
Byzantine Flower Bracelet.jpg
Loose Rope Bracelet BR3009-S 250 BR3009-M 268 BR3009-L286.jpg
Celtic Star Pendant PD5004 74.jpg
Maru Bracelet w Beads BR3034-S 295 BR3034-M 311.jpg
Japanese Lace Bracelet 2 row ER3012-S 180.jpg
Large Loveknot Bracelet BR3013-S 216.jpg
Japanese Lace 5 Row Bracelet.jpg
Multi Ring Bracelet.jpg
Celtic Visions Bracelet.jpg